Eva Dünzinger, also writable as Duenzinger (a fun fact: the geman Umlaut "ü" can also be written "ue"), was born in 1977 in Wiesbaden.

Spending 6 years of her childhood in Madrid, Spain, at the beginning of the 80's, at an american school, A.S.M. (anyone who went there at about the same time please contact me if you remember me!), brought her into contact with american culture an suchlike.

After moving back to Germany in 1986 Eva completed her Abitur after 13th Grade, which is our system in Germany, in 1997. She started to study Art History, Amerikanistik, and Philosophy at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University in Mainz, but in 2003 switched to Communications-Design at the University of Applies Sciences Wiesbaden, which she is really enjoying doing at the moment. She lives near Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Mainz. When she's not studying or painting, she teaches kids jazzdance, even as far as going on tournaments with them. Oh, and she sews the costumes, too.

OK, back to first person. Influences are actually very mainstream, Marvel Comics, D.C., anything I could get my hands on. Very influential nonetheless was Elfquest. The role-playing genre was brought to me through my brother, I just loved looking at the pictures in the Monster Manual (TSR). And I guess it all just started from there. If I have to name some influential artists: The TSR-Roster: Larry Elmore (wow, that was frightening meeting him), Brom, etc. Wendy Pini, of course. Brian Froud, I could just watch The Dark Crystal on video up and down, you know kids. In comics I'd say Alan Davis, Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio, Chris Bachalo, and so many more. This list could go on forever, I'm stopping now. Everything influences me.

That actually has brought about a great dilemma for me. I love comics just as much as I love fantasy art illustration, so I've been trying to do both since I was twelve. So I can't stick to one thing and am dabbling in everything.